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Word frequency and n-gram analyses of tweets mentioning men and women

Can you really dance to ‘Born to run’?

Text mining with tidytext part 2. What customers like and dislike about their telecommunications provider

Part 1 of my exploration of the tidytext R package for various text mining tasks

Using R to fetch and visualize Google search data in beautiful maps


(2017). Typical pain experience but underestimation of others' pain: Emotion perception in self and others in autism spectrum disorder. Autism.

(2016). Musical pitch metaphors in speech and gesture: evidence from Swedish and Turkish. Poster presented at Perception Metaphor Workshop, MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen.

(2015). Brains striving for coherence: Long-term cumulative plot formation in the default mode network.. NeuroImage.


(2011). Cross-modal integration of affective facial expression and vocal prosody: an EEG study. Poster presented at SALC III.



Constraints on Word Order in Emerging Communication Systems

Can language structure be predicted on the basis of our cognition and environments?

Embodied bilingualism

Understanding the processes that drive multimodal language use and learning

Unravelling the Multilingual Mind

Investigating the human capacity for language in South Africa - where multilingualism is the norm


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